Family Yoga in Burlington


A new Yoga Studio in Burlington is showing their interest in building a stronger community by offering regularly scheduled drop-in Family Yoga classes.  Chrysalis Yoga will be opened it’s doors in January 2011 in North Burlington, in the heart of the newest residential communities, with a vision to transform the world around us one student or family at a time.  The motto of the new studio is, “Transform Yourself, Transform Your Life, Transform the World Around You,” and a good place to start the transformation is at one of the Family Yoga classes.

Great care has been taken in building the studio to make it an environmentally friendly oasis and sanctuary from our crazy, busy lives.  Leave all the electronic devices at home (this might be the hardest part of your Family Yoga experience) and bring your entire family to the studio for a fun and challenging Family Yoga class.  Family Yoga classes are a great way for the entire family to bond, become stronger and more flexible, laugh and grow, both individually and together.  No yoga experience is necessary!  Angela Del Franco will guide you (and/or your spouse) and your children through a series of individual and team-building yoga poses, games and activities culminating in a few minutes of Savasana – relaxation pose.  When was the last time you stopped, laid down with your children, closed your eyes and felt the energy of life flowing through you and around you?  I don’t know about you, but those moments are far too rare in our family’s life, and before we know it, our kids will be grown and gone and we will miss those quiet moments of gathering, of which there are far too few in our fast-paced world.

Although Family Yoga classes are designed for all age groups, we have found that the optimal youngest age is 6.  Children under that age most likely don’t have a sufficient attention span (although the same can probably be said for many of us parents!) and sometimes cause distractions which may interfere with others’ enjoyment of the Family Yoga class.  Men and women, boys and girls are welcome in the class and we encourage both parents and all children over the age of 6 to attend – even if we feel we are “too tight” or “too stiff” or whatever the excuse may be.

There is no obligation to sign up for a series of classes and your introductory month is only $45 so you can try it out and see for yourselves why regular participation in Family Yoga classes will be great for every member of your family and for your family as an integrated whole.


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